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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Transform Your Shorts DYI

All you need for this is an Ex loved pair of shorts , fabric glue , a pair of scissors , and a lace fabric the size of the side you want to cover. second place the fabric on the area , measure it and then cut it as you want . then u apply the glue to the fabric , wait for about 10 minutes till it gets tacky and then place the fabric on the shorts, and i'd recommend not wearing the shorts this entire day. and also make sure you're using fabric glue and nothing else so that the fabric doesn't come out after it's washed. and be GENEROUS with the glue i tried using minimal amount and the fabric didn't stick well the first time i had to re-apply . so i'm not saying dip the fabric in glue haha, but put enough amount for it to stick . and 
good luck girls x 

May '13 Products I'm Loving

First thing i'm loving this month is this Honey Bee bath bomb by Lush , we don't have Lush in Egypt sadly so i don't get to buy any of their products unless i ask friends around who are traveling , but this one i got as a gift and i'm just LOVING it , it smells just like honey and vanilla very creamy and very sweet . turned my entire tub a yellowish color... which i have to say wasn't very attractive. but it smells AMAZING .

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Catching Up With The Military

Took those pictures reeeaall quick , i just wanted to feature this jacket . lately , i've been in LOVE and i mean IN LOVE with this military/army print i this jacket from Zara and i've been absolutely attached to it , i wear it with just a basic white tee and a pair of skinnies and my black combat boots and i'm ready to go , a lot of my friends think it's mannish looking and not very feminine looking , but who cares? you don't always have to dress up like a barbie doll you know all floral and pink from head to toe .. it's sometimes nice to look different and stand out.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Sneak Peak Of My Room

Recently i updated my room , it used to be plain orange and boring with a bunch of ugly flowers on the wall , and broken wooden wardrobe and just rubbishly old looking as it has been like so since as far as i can remember, i was sick of it and finally decided to update it , i didn't buy any new furniture except for the wardrobe but i hand painted the rest of things ... i can later show u some very usual DIYs of how i got my room to look like this . i knew what i wanted , i was really inspired by vintage , shabby , retro kind of style and this is how it came out . this is just a sneak peak and pretty soon i'll show you guys detailed pictures. 
talk to you all soon.

YES , I'm Back

Live, Laugh , Love ... Nooo i didn't get a tattoo guys . i've been playing around with my marker 
haha. okay how rude of me ! i haven't talked to you guys in SO freaking long ... not that i have 1000 followers or something , or people checking my blog daily .. yea but i've been so busy latelyyyy , i'm currently working as fashion photographer , stylist & makeup artist. as a part time job BESIDES School ! honestly speaking i personally have NO idea whatsoever how i manage to do that.. sometimes i just break down and cry like a total wierdo because i have to cancel sessions or because i'm late for work or because i missed a school assignment because i simply don't have time and i feel really bad but i do, i really try my best to balance things and i have no idea how i manage that . anyway i'm so happy i'm going back to blogging because summer's coming up and i won't be going to school so hopefully i'll have time to update my blog . and yea please check out my blog often and if you're someone out there who IS actually interested i'd really appreciate it if u left a comment just to let me know that people out there in the world actually read my rambles haha . 
Thanks guys. x