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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HIII There !!
so i got around 2 or 3 requests to film a video of the makeup i wore to prom , and i decided why not . so i did it i also straightened my hair and wore eveyrthing i wore to prom so this is technically how i looked . i also took a few pictures to show you girls in details so yea i hope you like it :)
Link to pictures from the actual prom + what i wore in details
Link to my Tutorial on this Look
Thank you , and Please follow . xoxo

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hiiiiii , Girls !
how've you been so far . it hasn't been long but well .. i've had this outfit for a while i don't know why i never got to upload these photos . anywho's heres what i'm wearing , i paired this flowy top with oxfords that haven't been worn in quite a while  . my most worn pair of jeans , a black clutch to kind of edge the outfit and of course my FAVORITE necklace EVER from tiffany's
1-Skinny jeans from Pull & Bear
2-Oxfords from Zara
3-Top from H&M
4-Clutch from H&M
5-Necklace from Tiffany & co.
will talk 2 you very soon . xo

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Who Doesn't love Braids? . i've just recently learned the trick to doing the perfect fishtail braid and i was so excited that i've paired an entire outfit just for this pretty pretty Fishtail i WAS gonna film a How to Fishtail braid .. but i kind of thought it's pointless anyways since there are tons of Videos out on youtube that show you real easy tricks on how to do it and to tell you the truth thats how i learned it.. i mean come on it's Summer right !! time to store those Evil hot tools .. and have fun with braids and beachy hair ;) Maxi dresses are Bey-ond in , i got mine from forever21 i LOVE the fact that they ship Worldwide :D and luckily it's still available IF anyone is interested .. will leave you girls the link .. i love the look of the feathers , the colors , the cut , basically everything about this dress
1-Dress from Forever21
2-Earings From a Random Bazar at the Mall
3-Sandals are also from Forever21 but i got those like Last year or so.
See you girls very very soon .

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey Everyone, Missed me ? :)
i loved what i wore that day i had to take pictures! lets start off with those gorgeous "Kaff" earrings , "Kaff" in Arabic means "palm" which kind of makes sense once u see it because it is shaped as a palm , "kaff" jewelry are extreamly popular in the middle east currently , i bought those from a random bazar at Citystars mall , which is a pretty big mall here in Egypt. so yea i paired them with what you might think is a necklace but it's not it's called a "Sebha" it's basically religious and Muslims use it in their prayers just like this one that christians use but of course it doesn't have a cross , i REALLY don't wanna get into religious conflics here i just wanted to explain what that was so u guys know . i like this Outfit because it's simple but very Arabic-ish inspired.
What I Wore:
1-Kaff earrings from Bazar
3-Floral scarf from Primark
4-Plain white tee from Zara
5-Gold ring , it's my friend's .. I've no idea where she got it.
i hope you like it . i'll talk 2 u again .. very soon xoxo
N .

Friday, July 8, 2011

Light Blue Jeans

First of all before i get into this outfit i wanna apologize for my horrible Pale ugly looking legs , these guys haven't seen the sun in ages , i know it's summer and it's been hot quite often but i haven't been to the beach in ages , so yea i wanted to get that covered no mean comments please :) . now into the good part i LOVE this outfit it's one of my favorites i just love the colors and patterns all put together the vintagy light blue jeans and the gladiators and everything . i will list everything down below :-
1-jean shorts from Zara
2-jean jacket from Primark
3-gladiators from Bata
4-satchel from H&M
5-ring from Aldo
yea so this is pretty much everything and i hope you like it. xoxo