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Friday, October 4, 2013

Room Stuff

How've you girls been? here are a few shots that i took recently of my room for inspiration! i hope that i somehow magically inspire pretty much ANYONE to give their bedroom/home just a little bit more care. i'm a person who spends a lot of time and i mean a loooot , in my room , so i like to keep it a comfortable place and environment for me to rest , i've been obsessed with candles recently , mostly bath and body works ones , i love the frosted cupcake , warm vanilla , dark kiss , and i also love the freshly picked (peach) version. i even sometimes use fragrance oil instead , which does pretty much the same job  but usually they carry much heavier scents and they require extra care since u should always check on it and change the oil etq.. i think candles and scents generally have a wonderful impact on my mood and they're a great transformation for a room . i feel like my room suddenly turned into a luxurious deliciously scented spa and that automatically calms me down and just makes me feel great !! .. wow i just realized i'm a very spiritual person haha.. talk to you girls veeery soon. xx

Quick HI

Heyyyyy everyone , so i sincerely apologize for the terrrrriblly low quality pictures , i just thought i'd take a quick pictures with my phone to show you guys what i wore for the first day at Uni ,and to also say a reaallly quick (low quality) pointless and verrryy wierd hi :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Transform Your Shorts DYI

All you need for this is an Ex loved pair of shorts , fabric glue , a pair of scissors , and a lace fabric the size of the side you want to cover. second place the fabric on the area , measure it and then cut it as you want . then u apply the glue to the fabric , wait for about 10 minutes till it gets tacky and then place the fabric on the shorts, and i'd recommend not wearing the shorts this entire day. and also make sure you're using fabric glue and nothing else so that the fabric doesn't come out after it's washed. and be GENEROUS with the glue i tried using minimal amount and the fabric didn't stick well the first time i had to re-apply . so i'm not saying dip the fabric in glue haha, but put enough amount for it to stick . and 
good luck girls x 

May '13 Products I'm Loving

First thing i'm loving this month is this Honey Bee bath bomb by Lush , we don't have Lush in Egypt sadly so i don't get to buy any of their products unless i ask friends around who are traveling , but this one i got as a gift and i'm just LOVING it , it smells just like honey and vanilla very creamy and very sweet . turned my entire tub a yellowish color... which i have to say wasn't very attractive. but it smells AMAZING .

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Catching Up With The Military

Took those pictures reeeaall quick , i just wanted to feature this jacket . lately , i've been in LOVE and i mean IN LOVE with this military/army print i this jacket from Zara and i've been absolutely attached to it , i wear it with just a basic white tee and a pair of skinnies and my black combat boots and i'm ready to go , a lot of my friends think it's mannish looking and not very feminine looking , but who cares? you don't always have to dress up like a barbie doll you know all floral and pink from head to toe .. it's sometimes nice to look different and stand out.