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Friday, October 4, 2013

Room Stuff

How've you girls been? here are a few shots that i took recently of my room for inspiration! i hope that i somehow magically inspire pretty much ANYONE to give their bedroom/home just a little bit more care. i'm a person who spends a lot of time and i mean a loooot , in my room , so i like to keep it a comfortable place and environment for me to rest , i've been obsessed with candles recently , mostly bath and body works ones , i love the frosted cupcake , warm vanilla , dark kiss , and i also love the freshly picked (peach) version. i even sometimes use fragrance oil instead , which does pretty much the same job  but usually they carry much heavier scents and they require extra care since u should always check on it and change the oil etq.. i think candles and scents generally have a wonderful impact on my mood and they're a great transformation for a room . i feel like my room suddenly turned into a luxurious deliciously scented spa and that automatically calms me down and just makes me feel great !! .. wow i just realized i'm a very spiritual person haha.. talk to you girls veeery soon. xx


  1. Its feels so good that you back! ...and yes...Candles are so addictive and relaxing..they are totally worth a buy! I still hunting for new Fragrances fav is the Mystique candles from parvati villa! :)

  2. hi Ankita, it's so good to hear from you. thank you for leaving a comment it makes my day to find people interested in my blog and following up. we sadly don't have garvati villa in Egypt, maybe i should try ordering it online. i usually go for bath and body works i like dark kiss , vanilla bean noel , summertime s'mores , frosted cupcake , and cashmere these are the only ones i can remember for now. will try your suggestion in the future i promise. thank you so much for stopping by x